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Steve Johnson

For District 1 Commissioner


Steve Johnson has experience that is ideal for the job as Commissioner for District 1 in Bonner County, Idaho.

His experiences include listening to concerns and finding solutions, supervising, evaluating and coordinating staff, overseeing a budget, and interacting with government, non-profit sector groups and individuals.

A firm supporter of education, as a county commissioner he will work to retain and recruit businesses that will benefit Bonner County families and ensure a strong local economy and quality of life.

His priorities include helping reinstate transparency (something that has been lacking in our current commissioners’ activities) and accountability in property taxes and the county budget.

These coincide with the protection of private property rights for landowners and prioritizing the upgrade and improvement of county roads. 

Pat Ramsey


Open to the public in important county decisions and accountability on those decisions. 

Creating Better Jobs

Retaining and recruiting businesses that benefit county families and provide jobs.

Open Property Taxes Decisions

The decisions involving your property taxes will be transparent. No more surprises. 

Protecting Planning & Zoning

Protecting private property rights and preserving the character of Bonner County is especially important to me. I am in total opposition to the proposed development for the Newport Smelter. 

Consistent County Road Maintenance

Helping everyone stay safe on the roads, even those who live beyond the city. As a long-time rural resident, I understand the issues that affect those who live off the pavement. 

Expanding Medicaid Insurance

I fully support Medicaid expansion for Idaho state. I want to make sure your family’s health needs are met with adequate coverage and protection because when you’re thriving, so does Bonner County. 

We'd Love to hear from you

This is your county, and Steve Johnson wants to make it a better place. Your opinion matters! Steve wants to hear from you so he can better serve you and the county. 

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